News 11/2019 – The Lindau Meetings in Nature Outlook

How to better understand the physical processes in our oceans? What impacts of climate change does oceans warming likely have? And which actions can help protect the unique maritime biosphere? A special edition of Nature Outlook, the supplement to the scientific journal, sheds light on these and further questions on 'physical oceonography'. The magazine takes up discussions of the 69th Lindau Meeting, featuring Lindau Alumni and other meeting participants. It could be produced thanks to the kind support of Mars, Incorporated.

During #LINO19, Nobel Laureate Carl E. Wiemann and several education practitioners and experts discussed the educational method of active learning. The results are available as an article in the recent Nature Outlook and as the short video documentary 'Don't Lecture Me!' in our mediatheque.

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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
New Nature Outlook: Physical Oceanography

The recent issue of Nature Outlook focuses on scientific understanding of the physical processes in the oceans and features articles on #LINO19.

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Active Learning with Carl E. Wieman

At #LINO19, Nobel Laureate Carl E. Wiemann and several education experts discussed the method of active learning.

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Don't Lecture Me!

The new documentary and additonal videos on active learning are available in the mediatheque and on our website.

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