Metabolic Labeling:
Trace all Stages of Gene Expression

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Metabolic labels offer straightforward approaches to directly address the three central pathways of molecular biology, namely replication, transcription and translation in life cells. Acting as analogues of natural biomonomers, metabolic labels are applied to their cellular target by simple feeding, being incorporated into the corresponding biopolymers by the usual enzymatic machinery. Combined with modern CLICK Chemistry, structural alterations induced by the label can be minimized, thereby permitting excellent enzymatic acceptance and mutually orthogonal labeling.

Figure 1: Scope of application for metabolic labels available from Jena Bioscience. Modified (deoxy)nucleosides are ideally suited to study the biosynthesis of nucleic acids. Once phosphorylated by cellular kinases, they undergo incorporation into (A) DNA by DNA polymerases (DNAP)[1] or into RNA by (B) RNA polymerases (RNAPs)[2] and (C) poly(A)-polymerases (PAPs)[3]. Similarly, labeled amino acids are substrates of cellular aminoacyl tRNA synthetase and thereby become available for protein synthesis (D). Modified puromycin derivatives offer an alternative for protein labeling in life cells[4].

Metabolic labels available from Jena Bioscience. Please also note our new catalog
  CLICK-labeling of cellular metabolites!

Compound Cat. No. Amount Price (€)
CLK-N001-25 25 mg 50,00
CLK-N001-100 100 mg 150,00
CLK-N001-500 500 mg 600,00
CLK-N001-5000 5 g 2500,00
CLK-050-10 10 mg 110,30
CLK-050-50 50 mg 380,20
CLK-N003-10 10 mg 101,38
CLK-N002-10 10 mg 101,38
CLK-049-10 10 mg 110,30
CLK-049-50 50 mg 380,20
CLK-063 10 mg 110,30
2-Ethynyl-adenosine CLK-N005-1 1 mg 71,97
CLK-N005-5 5 mg 287,87
N6-Propargyl-Adenosine CLK-N004-1 1 mg 71,97
CLK-N004-5 5 mg 287,87
4-Azido-L-homoalanine HCl
CLK-AA005-10 10 mg 101,94
CLK-AA005-100 100 mg 317,34
CLK-AA005-500 500 mg 761,06
CLK-016-10 10 mg 119,50
CLK-016-100 100 mg 336,40
CLK-016-500 500 mg 882,50
O-Propargyl-puromycin NU-931-05 0,5 mg (10 µmol) 144,20
NU-931-05 10 x 0,5 mg (10 µmol) 719,46

Selected References
[1] Salic et al. (2008) A chemical method for fast and sensitive detection of DNA synthesis in vivo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:2415.
[2] Jao et al. (2008) Exploring RNA transcription and turnover in vivo by using click chemistry. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105 (41):15779.
[3] Curanovic et al. (2013) Global profiling of stimulus-induced polyadenyation in cells using a poly(A) trap. Nat. Chem. Biol. 9:671.
[4] Liu et al. (2012) Imaging protein synthesis in cells and tissues with an alkyne analog of puromycin. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109 (2):413.

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