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Interface for Archiving & DMS systems,
Polling feature & more.
Cryptshare Version released.
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Dear customers, partners and supporters,
we are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of Cryptshare Server today.

Cryptshare Version 3.12 introduces a bunch of new functions such as an Archiving and Document Management System interface, Checksums for files being sent or received to guarantee authenticity, telemetry and extended automatic download capabilities in our Java API.
Just to name a few.
Archiving and
Document Management System interface
All data that is transferred via Cryptshare - inbound and outbound files and messages - can be handed over to an archiving system in plain text. So Cryptshare is fully integrated.
Many email encryption solutions fail on this so check it out.
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Checksums for files being sent or received
The checksums are displayed in the transfer log, in the download section and will also be added to the meta information which is handed over to archiving or DMS system. This acts as a digital test of authenticity, rather like a signature.
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You can support us making the product better and improving the support experience by sending us telemetry data of your Cryptshare Server. By default, the feature is turned off after the update from a previous version, but you can activate it at any time. This will help us understand which versions are being used and how hard the system is being stressed so that we can make continuous improvements.
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Extended automatic download capabilities in our Java API
You can now download transfers automatically without having to wait for an incoming download notification via e-mail. This will help to speed up automated workflows.
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Release notes?
We recommend you to read the entire Release Notes to this version as there is a large amount of new and valuable functionality for you.
Want to update now?
As usual you can download the current version on or using the update functionality of your admin interface.
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