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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter Nr. 4 08/2010
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Your Questions - Our Answers
"What do I need to be aware of as a as goldsmith when I work with coloured diamonds? Is it possible for the stones to change colour when they are heated for instance?"

We have collated some facts for hands-on people.
From our collection: Fancy White Diamonds
This time we would like to show you several stones in the special colour Fancy White, also known as "Milky" in the trade.
Fancy White diamonds have an opalescent, cool appearance. Microscopically small inclusions lend the diamonds their milky white colour.

Image: pear shape 0.61 ct fancy white

All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
Determining the Colour of Coloured Diamonds
The value of coloured diamonds depends more on the rarity of the colour and its intensity than is the case for colourless diamonds.
How are the diamond colours described in a certificate? What systems are used for the professional colour determination of diamonds? Which laboratories draw up certificates for coloured diamonds? We have summarised the most important facts and addresses connected with this subject.
The Closing Date for the HRD Award
An important date for all jewellery designers seeking to enter their diamond jewellery design ideas into the competition:
All participants must have registered and submitted their designs by 15th October 2010.

"You and Me" is the motto of this year's competition that is organised every two years by Hooge Raad vor Diamant in Antwerp.

For more information and prizes, click here.
Gemmology Corner
Cause of Colour in Grey Diamonds
The demand for grey diamonds has grown considerably. Hardly surprising when you think about their unique cool elegance. As a neutral colour, grey is an ideal partner for combining with other colours and metals. There are lots of interesting facts about this beautiful and rare diamond colour.

Image: oval cut 1.52 ct fancy light grey
Volcanoes and Diamonds
The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull interrupted air traffic for weeks, reminding us all of how powerful a natural phenomenon can be.
You are probably aware that volcanoes have something to do with diamonds. But what exactly?
Take a few moments to find out a bit more.
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