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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter Nr. 3 05/2010
Kulsen & Hennig News
New Perspectives from BASELWORLD
This March we experienced the renowned world's fair of watches and jewellery as visitors and not, as we have for the past 15 years, as exhibitors. We have summarized our impressions of the event in this report by Juliane Hennig.

The most precious gemstones from around the world are collected and presented at this annual event. This year, it certainly seemed as though there were even larger rare diamonds on display than is usual at this world's fair.

Your Questions - Our Answers
How can I best describe the many colours of Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds?

When discussing the shades of diamonds with fellow professionals, a prerequisite for providing the most helpful service is the ability to use clear, precise and concise language when describing colour.

For this reason, we use terminology which is internationally recognized within the trade and is widely employed by eminent laboratories such as HRD and GIA.
From Our Collection: 1.08 ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant
This yellow diamond exhibits a Fancy Intense Yellow hue and appears to be bursting with fresh sunshine.

The diamond is a radiant cut, an optimal cutting style for the size and colour of this gemstone: In addition to showcasing the lively brilliance of the diamond, this particular cut intensifies its yellow hue. Read more about this topic in our gemmology article - Diamond Cutting Styles for Natural Coloured Diamonds

The stone is accompanied by a GIA coloured diamond grading report. The term "Radiant Cut" is well known within the trade, but GIA more accurately describes it as "Cut-Cornered Square Modified Brilliant."

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0)30 44 34 17 77 or
All About Natural Coloured Diamonds
Interview with Jewellery Designer Iris Weyer
In the jewellery trade, designers and gemstone dealers should keep an open and clear line of communication if they want to benefit properly from one another – easier said than done. Jewellery designer Iris Weyer and diamond grader Gabriele Gollwitzer (from Kulsen & Hennig) met recently to discuss their experiences and share their outlooks on the future and the importance of communication in the gem and jewellery trade.

GG: I'm interested in your professional opinion on coloured diamonds as a designer. What do you find most interesting about them? What is “modern” about them?
IW: Without a contemporary design, a diamond alone is not necessarily considered "modern."...
Largest Vivid Green Diamond at Auction Weighs 2.52 ct
An extremely rare natural Fancy Vivid Green diamond sold for USD 3.08 million (CHF 3.1 million/EUR 2.07 million) last November at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva, Switzerland during Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” auction.

Compared to some of the other fancy coloured diamonds up for auction – including a 5.96 ct Vivid Blue named the "Star of Josephine," a 6.63 ct Vivid Pink, and a 74.80 ct Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond – this exquisite green collector’s diamond weighed a mere 2.52 ct. Nonetheless, it is the largest natural Fancy Vivid Green diamond ever sold at auction.
Gemmology Corner
Diamond Cutting Styles for Natural Coloured Diamonds
The Purpose and Beauty of Diamond Facets

The public's enduring fascination with diamonds (and gemstones in general) is due in large part to their brilliance and fire. Facet angles must follow precise formulas to maximize the best optical properties of the gem material. Gemstone cutting has always had a clear, specific purpose: to optimize light reflection within the stone.