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ISPAD Spring / Summer 2012 Newsletter July 2012
Dear ISPAD member,

On behalf of the ISPAD Steering Committee I wish to update you on the recent developments.

Table of Contents
1. Annual General Business Meeting

Friday, October 12th, 2012 | 4.30 - 6.00 pm | Istanbul, Turkey

During the Annual General Business Meeting we will elect new officers for the Advisory Council. Nominees will be circulated to ISPAD members via email prior to the meeting. An agenda of the meeting will also be circulated by email prior to the meeting.

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2. Official Call for Nominations for Office

This is the first call for nominations. Nominations must be received at the latest 14 days prior to election during the business meeting on October 21st in Istanbul, i.e. by September 28th, 2012. We are investigating electronic voting, and a proposal about this will be put forward during the business meeting.

This year we will elect a Treasurer-elect (taking over from Kenneth Roberson after the Gothenburg meeting in 2013). The current treasurer will not be eligible for re-election as he has served for 2 terms. The President, Secretary-General and the Treasurer may be re-elected to any of the offices if there has been a period of not less than one year since they last held one of such offices.

We will also elect four people to the advisory council 2012-2014 (replacing Carlo Acerini, UK), Fergus Cameron (Australia), Przemyslawa Jarosz Chobot (Poland) and Maartje de Wit (the Netherlands). This year we should elect 3 physicians and 1 health care professional.

The nominee has to have agreed to be nominated. All nominations should be sent to the Secretary-General by email, with attached nomination template (not more than one page altogether, and with a small photo inserted) with the nominee’s details on the following subjects:
  • Born:
  • Nationality:
  • Profession:
  • Present Position:
  • Education and previous positions:
  • Previous ISPAD roles:
  • Aim when elected to ISPAD office:
  • Other relevant memberships and positions:
  • Main research interests:
Nomination template (please click)

In addition, nominees are asked to grade their interest for participation in the following topics during their time in the advisory committee. In the call for nominations, and directly after nomination they will be asked to fill out their preferences in grading 1-3.
  • Post Graduate Activities & Education
  • Web Site Editorial and Content
  • Research Programme
  • Guidelines and recommendations
  • Society Governance Committee (including elections)
  • Other

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3. ISPAD Prizes

During our Advisory Council Meeting in June we decided on the 2012 winners of ISPAD Prizes and Fellowships. The winners are presented below.

a. ISPAD Prize of Achievement 2012: Mark Sperling, USA

The ISPAD Prize is the Society’s highest honor. It is awarded to any individual who has made outstanding contributions in the areas of SCIENCE, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY, which have had a major impact on childhood and adolescent diabetes. The ISPAD Prize may be awarded to members or non-members of ISPAD. The Prize is supported by a grant from Eli Lilly and consists of a glass sculptured trophy, a monetary prize of US$ 5,000 plus economy travel to the Annual meeting, registration and four hotel nights.

b. Lestradet Award for Education and Advocacy: Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, Sudan

ISPAD´s honor for Education and Advocacy will be awarded to an ISPAD member who has made outstanding contribution within these areas. The prize winner receives US$ 3,000 plus economy travel to the Annual meeting where he or she will give a talk, the “Lestradet Lecture”. The award is supported by Lifescan.

c. ISPAD Young Investigator Award: Natalia Marek, Poland

This award is open for any ISPAD member aged 40 or less. The winner receives US$ 3,000 plus economy travel to the Annual ISPAD meeting where she will give a 15 minute presentation of the winning paper and her research, the “Young Investigator Lecture”. The award is supported by Medtronic.

d. ISPAD Prize for Innovation in Paediatric Diabetes Care:innovation: Andrew Hattersley and the Exeter monogenic diabetes clinical team and laboratory for their work in Neonatal Diabetes

Sponsored by NovoNordisk within their DAWN™ Youth Initiative
This prize is for any professional, group or individual who has made a significant innovation in pediatric diabetes care. This prize puts the focus on diabetes in childhood by recognizing innovations to improve health and quality of care for children and young people. Only non-commercial innovations are considered for this prize. The prize consists of 3,000 USD plus economy travel, hotel and registration for one person.

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4. Fellowships

a. Visiting Research Fellowship 2012-13:
Belma Haliloglu from Istanbul, Turkey to visit Sian Ellard in Exeter, UK: Exploring new forms of MODY.

Applications are invited from ISPAD members below 40 years of age who wish to study or carry out diabetes related research at a recognized centre of excellence.

A report on the fellowship should be submitted to the ISPAD Steering Committee within 1 year after completion of the fellowship. The recipient will give credit to ISPAD on any publication arising from work done during the fellowship.

b. Allan Drash Clinical Fellowship:

Dr. Joyce Mbogo, Kenya (age 33), to visit Michael Haller, USA.
Dr. Hemchand Prasad, India (age 30), to visit Neil White, USA.

ISPAD's 6 week clinical fellowship (US$ 5,000) is for ISPAD members below 45 years of age. A report should be submitted to the ISPAD Steering Committee within 1 year after fellowship.

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5. ISPAD Guidelines

a) The ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines Compendium 2009 was published in both a printed form and as a CD. Copies are available for use at ISPAD-related courses and meetings. They are available for free download at our website www.ispad.orgWe plan to begin the procedure of updating them later this year. The editors for the new edition of the guidelines will be Maria Craig, David Maahs, Carlo Acerini and Ragnar Hanas with Carine de Beaufort co-opted representing the new steering committee. The 2009 guidelines have been translated into Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and French. A Chinese translation has started.

The guidelines can be downloaded at our website:
please click the picture or here.

b) The IDF/ISPAD Type 1 Diabetes Summarized Guidelines were released at the IDF meeting (International Diabetes Foundation, in Dubai December 2011. They are based on the 2009 Consensus Guidelines but are more condensed and in another format, stating Recommended, Limited and Comprehensive care.

These Guidelines are available for free download at ISPAD’s website
please click here and IDF’s website please click here

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6. ISPAD Website

Our website will be updated with a new provider, and the plan is for this to go live before the Istanbul meeting. The new webmaster will be Katarzyna Gajewska from Poland, and she will be accompanied by an editorial group consisting of Jill Hamilton, Maartje de Wit, the President and Secretary General.

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7. Future ISPAD Meetings

2013: Gothenburg, Sweden Oct 16-19th

2014: Toronto, Canada

2015: Brisbane, Australia

2016 and 2017: The region will be Europe for both meetings and the city for 2016 will be decided at the Advisory Board meeting in Istanbul.

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8. Annual ISPAD Science School 2012 for Physicians

The 2012 Science School for Physicians will be held in Osaka, Japan Aug 31st – Sept 4th with Tatsuhiko Urakami as the convener. Twentyseven participants have been selected from 58 applicants. The school is supported by Novo Nordisk.

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9. New ISPAD 2012 Research Course for Physicians

This year we will have a second research course for physicians as we have received an educational grant from Sanofi for this specific purpose. This research course will take place in Lodz, Poland and have Wojciech Mlynarski as the convener. The course will be held late 2012. Detailed information on how to apply will follow shortly.

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10. Eighth ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals

The ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals will be held in Istanbul Oct 7th-9th, immediately prior to the Annual Scientific Meeting of ISPAD, and the convenors are Barbara Anderson, USA, and Bärbel Aschemeier, Germany

This 3 day meeting is designed for nurses, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and podiatrists (not MD’s) who have or wish to develop a research interest and expertise in diabetes in young people. The School will give participants an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, statistics and publication strategies, and will provide constructive discussion about research projects currently being undertaken or considered.

The cost of the meeting (including economy flights and accommodation) will be covered by ISPAD through an unrestricted educational grant from LifeScan, Inc, a Johnson & Johnson Company.

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11. Postgraduate Courses 2012

Cochabamba, Bolivia:

The course in Lima was held in April 2012 and 122 participants were registered (91 % were medical doctors, mainly pediatricians or endocrinologists; 8% dietitians and nurses and 1% university students from Ecuador. There were 21 participants who came from Ecuador (including the students) Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia. Elisabeth Duarte from Bolivia and Maria Isabel Rojas from Peru chaired the local organizing committee. ISPAD lecturers were Hans-Jacob Bangstad (Norway), Erick Richmond (Costa Rica) and Ragnar Hanas (Sweden). ISPAD’s participation in the course was sponsored by Roche.

Buzias, Romania:

The 17th Annual ISPAD-Buzias Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Symposium was held in May 2012 with updates on the ONROCAD Romanian pediatric diabetes registry, interactive patient care discussions and problem solving interactive discussions. Approximately 85 participants attended, and the course was directed by Professor Viorel Serban, Harry Dorchy and Stuart Brink. Guest lecturers were William L. Clarke, Carine de Beaufort and Lynda Fisher.

[Click the images to see them in a larger format.]

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12. Future Postgraduate Courses

We welcome ideas and initiatives from the membership for future ISPAD postgraduate courses. Separate funding for each course is needed. Please contact the Secretary General if you are interested in hosting such a course.

Planned courses incude:
  • India (Banshi Saboo, Vandana Jain, Ragnar Hanas), two CDiC courses
  • Indonesia (Aman Pulangan)
  • South Africa (Kuben Pillay)
  • Vietnam (Maria Craig, Lynda Fisher)
  • Mexico (Ana Ventura, Lori Laffel)
  • Baku, Azerbaijan (Gunduz Ahmadov, Kenneth Robertso), a Life for a Child course
  • Colombia (Neil White)
  • Guatemala (Eric Richmond, Hans-Jacob Bangstad)

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13. Peds Endo and Diabetes Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenneth Robertson was ISPAD’s first tutor in Nairobi during 2 weeks in April 2011. He was followed by Arlan Rosenbloom in December, Oddmund Sovik in February 2012, Carlo Acerini in April and Larry Fox in May. Next is David Maahs for July. A second project will be opening up in Lagos, Nigeria in July this year with the first ISPAD slot in October.

Please contact the Secretary General if you are interested in being a tutor in this project.

A DIP (Diabetes in Practice) course for diabetes teams will be held in Nigeria early 2013 with Stephen Greene as the convenor.

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14. ESPE / ISPAD e.learning Project

ESPE/ISPAD Recorded Lectures Program (please click).

Send an email to
Stu Brink (please click) if you are interested in helping with recording one of your lectures.

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15. HbA1c Consensus Meeting in Dubai

ISPAD took the initiative to this meeting together with IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine). Pediatric Diabetes will request that authors report both IFCC and NGSP (DCCT) units.

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16. ISPAD Logo

The ISPAD logo has been modernized to better harmonize with the printed material of ISPAD. 

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17. Affiliate Membership

It was decided that new members joining ASPAE (African Society for Pediatric and Adolescet Andocrinology) will get a 2-year free membership of ISPAD (unless they already are members of ISPAD), including an electronic but not printed copy of Pediatric Diabetes.

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18. Membership Fee

We have discussed an increase of membership fee to be able to increase our activities, and the suggestion is as follows:
  • 200 US/year for physicians, 3 yrs for 500 USD
  • 125 USD for non physicians, 3 yrs for 300 USD

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19. ISPAD 38th Annual Meeting 2012

October 10th - 13th, 2012 | Istanbul, Turkey

Şükran Darcan, MD and Damla Gökşen, MD, the ISPAD 2012 Conference Conveners, write:

We are delighted to welcome you to the 38th Annual Meeting of ISPAD, October 10-13, 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey. Extending into both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the only city in the world which is situated on two continents, demonstrating a true melting pot of cultures and civilizations both eastern and western.

Our aim is to build an ambitious and unique program alongside the Local Organizing Committee focusing on basic science and clinical research where state of the art views of the recent advances in pediatric diabetes will be covered. We will bring together Scientific and clinical leaders as well as young scientists from all over the world in order to lead interactive debates.

Beyond scientific activities a visit in Istanbul will give you the opportunity to be able to feel the historical continuity from the ancient times to the modern age and be amazed by the lights, flavors and places. We will also have the time to develop social and interpersonal relationships and friendships through joining together at the social events.

We look forward to welcoming and hosting you in Istanbul and wish all of you an unforgettable congress and enjoyable stay in Istanbul.

                     The 2nd Announcement is now available. Please click here for download.                     
ISPAD has awarded 6 Special Travel Grants for this meeting including economy travel, accommodation and registration to:
  • Emmanuel Ameyaw , Ghana
  • Josephine Gbayeah, Liberia
  • Khadija Humayun, Pakistan
  • Lulengo Mukama, Tanzania
  • Qiulan Yang, China
  • Buddhi Paudyal, Nepal
At the time of the Advisory Council meeting in June, 343 participants had registered for the Istanbul meeting. However, only about 10% had registered for the networking evening and the recognition dinner. Unfortunately we have after lengthy discussions come to the conclusion that we cannot hold a subsidized networking event as part of the program sponsored by ISPAD due to our charity status, and have therefore decided to cancel it. We will instead have a welcome reception as part of the regular program, which participants do not need to register for. Persons who have already paid for the networking event will be reimbursed. Please be aware that you need to register for the Recognition Dinner separately. As this is an important part of our meeting in getting to know colleagues from around the world and build networks, we encourage the participants in Istanbul to register for the Recognition Dinner.

More information can be found on the conference website.
Please click here.

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With very best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul,

Ragnar Hanas

ISPAD Secretary General

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