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ISPAD NEWS No. I / January 2013
Dear ISPAD Members & Friends,

Today, we would like to launch a new series of newsletters, called ISPAD NEWS.

The purpose of ISPAD NEWS is to inform you about the International Societey for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabates (ISPAD), and to keep you regularly informed about all our society activites.

As such, it is our great pleasure to send you the first issue of the brand new ISPAD NEWS.


Presidents Note
by Stephen Greene

Since taking up the role of President in October last year, I am only now beginning to both appreciate and understand the depth of responsibilities and activities that ISPAD is engaged in. It is an exciting and challenging arena that is growing exponentially. The endeavor of the Society reflects both the needs of young people with diabetes, with the increasing numbers of young people developing diabetes across the world and the challenges faced by health professionals responsible for the care of young people and their families. The other challenge for ISPAD is to offer a meaningful role across the whole spectrum of health care structures and resources. However, it is a challenge that I believe ISPAD is responding to admirably.

This newsletter coincides with the launch of our newly designed web site ( that as well as offering information and resources must act as a “sounding board” for the Society. This depends on the activity of the members and I would urge you to both use and comment on the web site, which needs to be organic to grow and develop.

Our members continue to participate in meetings and events around the world where diabetes in the young is being discussed and debated. In the short time since our annual meeting in Istanbul, our Executive and Members have contributed as official ISPAD representatives to whole raft of meetings run by different organisations: The Indian Society of Paediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology (Bangalore); The African Society of Paediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology (Durban); the Indo-UK Diabetes Summit (Chennai); Changing Diabetes in Children (Guinea-Conakry, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar); European Diabetes Nurse Specialists (Cologne); Azerbaijan Diabetes Association.

We also undertake significant roles in Health Administration and Service developments and I was pleased to represent ISPAD at the “Sweet Advisory Board” meeting in Switzerland to offer continuing support to this exciting development of quality assurance and performance assessment of Paediatric Diabetes Centres across Europe. ISPAD will continue to play a Senior Advisory role in this important project. We also have participated in a European Medicines Association project looking to establish a European Children’s Clinic Trials Network, in which diabetes would have a strong presence, and I have personally represented ISPAD at the Scottish Parliament, sharing the platform with IDF President, Sir Michael Hirst.

To accommodate all of this expanding activity, ISPAD requires a new organisational structure and preliminary discussions took place on this in Istanbul. The final wording of the ISPAD Management Organisation will be confirmed at our forthcoming Executive meeting in Berlin and we will announce this on the web site. A major theme of the new structure is to use more of the expertise and experience of Advisory Board and Members of ISPAD in an official capacity.

Finally, In Durban at the ASPAE meeting directed by Kuben Pilay (RSA), supported by Abiola Oduwole (Nigeria), Dipesalema Joel (Botswana) and Thomas Ngwiri (Kenya) the “ISPAD Declaration of Kos” was raised. This was originally conceived in 1993 and it was felt appropriate that this should be revisited. The “ISPAD Declaration of Kwa Zulu 2013” will be posted on the new Website. We hope it reflects the changes in management over the last 20 years that we expect all health professionals involved in the care of diabetes in the young to strive for, but also recognises that for many attainment of this Declaration is still a major challenge. Comments and thoughts very welcome.

I wish you all the best for the coming New Year. Keep endeavoring and advocating for Young people and their families with Diabetes

New ISPAD Website & Social Media

As of the beginning of the new year, ISPAD has been working more actively with social media to stay connected with all our members, friends and those who are interested in ISPAD. You can easily follow us on Facebook (please click) and/or on Twitter. Never again will you miss timely news about our society and/or upcoming events.

ISPAD is also very pleased to announce that our new website has been officially launched. We have completely redesigned our layout with simplicity, ease of use, and a focus on content delivery in mind. Our website includes all relevant information about our society, statements, news, guidelines, an event calendar and much more, as well as of course a private area for our members.

It is our hope you will enjoy exploring our new website, and please feel free to send us any comments or feedback which you might have.

>>> To see the new ISPAD website, please go to:

9th ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals (SSHP) in Istanbul, Turkey
Report by Dr. Bärbel Aschemeier, Science School Convener 2012

It has become a tradition for dietitians, nurses, psychologists and social workers to meet before the annual ISPAD meeting to attend the ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals (SSHP). This is a three day workshop providing better understanding of cutting-edge research methodologies in pediatric diabetes.

The SSHP is designed for people who have no experience with research and aims to develop and train research skills. It offers a platform for constructive discussions about their own research projects with a special focus on developing a supportive global research network.

On October 7th to October 9th 2012 it was time once again: Students and faculties from around the world met for the 9th ISPAD Science School in Istanbul and were very excited regarding the upcoming days, meeting the participants from other continents, visiting the beautiful city and particularly attending the Science school and the following ISPAD meeting. [...]

Flashback to the 38th Annual ISPAD Meeting

With more than 1,345 participants coming to Istanbul from all over the world, the recent Annual ISPAD Meeting (Oct.10th-13th, 2012) was a great success and, related to the scientific and social program, a wonderful and memorable event.

Ragnar Hanas, former Secretary General of ISPAD, looks back on the meeting, and summarizes the essentials in brief. Click here, and read his short report about the 38th Annusal Meeting of ISPAD. Perhaps you this will tempt you to join us this year in Gothenburg.

Pediatric Diabetes in a life-long perspective
Outlook and Invitation to the Annual ISPAD Conference 2013

Gothenburg, Sweden will be the host of the 30th Annual ISPAD Conference beginning on October 16th and running through October 19th, 2013. Gun Forsander and Ragnar Hanas - the conveners of this conference - together with the local Organizing and Scientific Committee, are very much looking forward to welcoming all delegates in Sweden later this year. Here is what they had to say about the meeting:

"ISPAD has grown significantly, and we are happy to invite professionals involved in the care of pediatric diabetes from all parts of the world. The ISPAD scientific meeting is always an exciting, special and memorable annual event. We will have plenary sessions, symposia, oral and poster sessions, and workshops addressing the cutting edge science of pediatric diabetes care. The theme of the 2013 meeting will be "Pediatric Diabetes in a Life-long Perspective", indicating our ambition to cover important themes from neonatal diabetes to long-term aspects of the disease. With high scientific level of the program and nice networking opportunities we intend to offer you an exceptional meeting!"

All detailed information about the planned program and speakers, the city of Gothenburg, the conference venue, registration fees and deadlines, and much more, are now available online and can be found on the conference website.

We hope that this small taste of what awaits delegates in 2013 has inspired you to participate in this event.
See you in Gothenburg!

Upcoming Events & Dates to remember

ISPAD Science School
for Physicians 2013
ISPAD Science School
for Health Professionals 2013

Date: July 22-26, 2013
Location: Sydney, Australia

For detailed information about the program, contact person and applications, please click here.

Date: October 13-15, 2013
Gothenburg, Sweden

For detailed information about the program, contact person and applications, please click here.

39th Annual Conference of ISPAD Annual ISPAD Calendar

Date: October 16-19, 2013
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

More details about program, speakers, registration and the entire conference backround, can be found here.

Other events scheduled for the ISPAD year 2013 can be found on the ISPAD calendar.
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