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The Cryptshare web application
Now available in new more modern design
Discover this new design
Dear customers, partners and supporters,
Since the release of Cryptshare 3, numerous new features have been introduced into the server architecture, interfaces and integration capabilities of Cryptshare.
These take place in the main "under the hood", so that users of the web application do not notice it.

Today we have published something to catch the eye:
A modern design for you, your customers and all users of Cryptshare web application.

Over recent months, we have devoted a great deal of attention to the detail of how people use Cryptshare developing a more contemporary design for your Cryptshare web application placing greater emphasis on the individualisation for your company.
You will benefit from this new design
Attractive optics - higher usability

- Clearer surface through flat design -
(Removal of shadows and frames)
- Contemporary look and feel through modern graphics -
- Better user guidance through larger buttons -
- More convencience with drag and drop functionality -
- Stronger branding possible due to fullsized background image -
(Photoshop template available here)

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How to get the new design?
You can now create it yourself with the new Web Application Designer.

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What are the prerequisites?
The new design works best on current
Cryptshare servers from version 3.12.
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