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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter Nr. 5 11/2010
Kulsen & Hennig News
Dear Customers, Dear Readers, Dear Friends!
As the end of the year draws near, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and trust. This year has shown an overall increase in the demand for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, and not only for rare and precious coloured diamonds, but also for those that are more affordable.
We are also thrilled with the growing interest you have shown in our newsletters!
We wish you all much success for these last weeks of work and hope that the holiday season that follows will be a happy one for all!

The Kulsen & Hennig Team
Dominik Kulsen has become a member of the Diamond
and Precious Stones Bourse Idar-Oberstein
Dominik Kulsen, founder and director of Dominik Kulsen SA in Switzerland and partner in the Kulsen & Hennig company, became a member of the Diamond and Precious Stones Bourse located in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in August 2010.
Through this membership, he has obtained the WFDB mark for both companies, a distinction that demonstrates affiliation with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.
To learn more about the World Federation of Diamond Bourses,...
From Our Collection: a Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow Pear Shape Diamond
In order to best describe the intensity of a diamond’s colour, the GIA developed the “Fancy Vivid” grading. This grading corresponds to a more intense colour saturation than “Fancy Intense”.
Today, we are pleased to present our customers with a diamond that has obtained this rare distinction from the GIA.
We are of course available to provide any further information that you may require about this stone.

Telephone: 0049 (0) 30 44 34 17 77
This Year, a Gift to India
Instead of sending holiday cards or presents to our customers this year, we have decided to make a yearend donation to the Arunachala Rising Sun Association.
This association, based in Switzerland, lends its support to the Regenboog India Foundation, a dynamic team of volunteers working in the south of India. With the money collected by the Swiss association, five schools offering evening classes for children have been opened. The Indian association is currently developing a mobile medical assistance system in the remote Jawadhu Hills region of southern India. Last spring, Madhan Mohan, the Director of the Regenboog India Foundation, received official recognition for his commitment to helping others.
All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
Rio Tinto invests USD 803 million in the Development of its Argyle Mine
On September 14, 2010, the Rio Tinto mining group announced its USD 803 million investment to complete the underground development, started in 2005, of the Argyle diamond mine which will ensure its continued activity.
Following a transition from the current open pit operation, the underground activity should be operational in 2013.
According to the press release, the project will extend the life of the mine until at least 2019.
Recommended Reading
One of our favourite books on coloured diamonds is Eden Rachminov’s book, entitled “The Fancy Color Diamond Book”.
The book’s cutting edge content, both commercial and technical, as well as its particularly elegant appearance make it the perfect holiday gift.
To find out why we have recommended this book so heartily and how you can find it, ...
Pink Diamond Shatters Records at Auction
On November 16th, a pink diamond, exceptional in both its size and clarity, was sold during Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva, Switzerland. The diamond sold for USD 46 158 674,- (equivalent to EUR 33 997 200,-), the highest price ever attained at auction for a diamond or jewel. Nevertheless, the world record for the highest price per carat is still held by the 5 carat The Vivid Pink sold in December 2009 for USD 10,8 million (as we informed you at the time).
The diamond’s clarity is graded VVS2, meaning that it is nearly flawless, which is extremely rare for a pink diamond. The new owner of the 24.78 ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond (as graded by the GIA), is the London jeweller Laurence Graff, who, in 2008, also bought the Wittelsbach-Graff blue diamond.

Photo: Sotheby‘s
Gemmology Corner
Diamond Shapes: The Cushion Cut
We will begin our series on the main shapes of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds with the Cushion Cut. In future newsletters, we will alternate articles from our “Diamond Colours” series with articles on various diamond shapes.
The Cushion Cut is often used for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds of relatively large size. Why does this shape lend itself so well to Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds and why is it often referred to as the forerunner of modern diamond shapes?
You will receive our next newsletter, the Inhorgenta edition, in February 2011. Earlier editions of our newsletter may be found in our newsletter archive.
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