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How Cryptshare can help you to
be GDPR compliant
Why more and more customers use Cryptshare in their business communication.
Dear customers and partners,
The requirements of the new data protection rules are complex. Cryptshare is an important building block in a company´s software landscape to attain compliance with GDPR.

Today we´ll show you how Cryptshare can help you
meet those requirements.

★ Right to information and right to correction ★
★ Right to be forgotten / data cleansing rules ★
★ Data portability ★
★ High level of data protection due to privacy-friendly default setting ★
★ Data loss prevention ★

Learn more about the five touchpoints between GDPR and Cryptshare now.
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Read our short summary of the challenges of GDPR-Obligations and opportunities
Download our whitepaper about GDPR.
Visit our website for more information.
Watch the video, how to classify e-mails with Cryptshare.

Best regards,
Your Cryptshare team
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