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18 January 2013

Welcome everyone to this special monthly edition of the Weekly. We have included more information than usual, particularly regarding aspects of the curriculum for the term with some pictures from this past week. Look out below for the opportunity to appeal for a couple of items that need donating, so please share with family and friends!

After a gradual day by day decrease in temperature, the week finally ended in snow reminding us that it really is Winter, the season for reflection and stillness. Monday's Parenting Workshop touched on the topic of anger, while the assembly with the children that followed looked at what it means to care, and how to create an atmosphere of safety for each other.

While we tried to keep warm there were also the odd bursts of rollicking fun out in the playground. For evidence of this see the pictures and click on the link below to see a short film of an obstacle course and high-jump that the children set up.

We are hoping parents will all come to the Parent Meeting next Sunday with Gopal Krishnamurthy facilitating the topic of 'Rewards and Punishments'.

Wishing everyone inner warmth and outer snow packed fun (for some) in the days ahead...
Mary-Ann and the Inwoods team

by Narelle (age 7)


As you are riding in the bus
"Real meditation is the highest form of intelligence. It is not a matter of sitting cross-legged in a corner with your eyes shut or standing on your head or whatever it is you do. To meditate is to be completely aware as you are walking, as you are riding in the bus, as you are working in your office or in your kitchen - completely aware of the words you use, the gestures you make, the manner of your talk, the way you eat, and how you push people around. To be choicelessly aware of everything about you and within yourself, is meditation. If you are thus aware of the political and religious propaganda that goes on ceaselessly, aware of the many influences about you, you will see how quickly you understand and are free of every influence as you come into contact with it."
J. Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Individual and Society

Staff at Inwoods enjoy thier thermos mugs (gifts from the parents): Mary-Ann, Suseela, Mariamah, Jean-Loup and Evelyn

Mixed age reading.

Playground feature underway but needing your help with the ropes. Please see ‘Action’ below...

Important reminders/items to donate:

Curriculum Information
Singing for the Closing Circle

My intention is to provide a relaxed and engaging atmosphere where children build confidence in their singing abilities. The music I have chosen ranges from popular children's songs, African call and response songs, folk songs and rhythmic chants. The aim is for the children to learn how to sing accurately and in unison and most importantly, to enjoy singing together. We will share what we learn each week during my closing circle on Wednesday afternoons.

Cooking with the 'Redwoods'

I thought that this term we could look at local food: the benefits of it, and what to do to make the most of the ingredients. We’ll start with fresh produce from the Brockwood gardens, and read excerpts from “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver, and look at where the other ingredients we use come from.


Tuesday afternoon pottery group

The over-due task of finishing the tiles for the Oak House frieze will hopefully be accomplished this year. I will also make time for adults to contribute, so keep your eye out for these dates. Pottery continues, this time including a visit to a studio focusing on glaze techniques and beauty, and a visit from a potter to work with them on the wheel.

Class project on the universe for the 'Silver Birches'

As a group we will look at the story of the universe and life on Earth, starting with the Big Bang, the Solar System and ending with the age of Man. This project will include Science, Geography and Natural history topics. It is my intention that the children will choose which area they'd like to investigate further and we will write reports on the chosen topics. They will research each area over one or two sessions and record their research in project books.

Open Classroom Activities
The Parenting Workshop

Thank you Mariamah for inviting me, and thank you to all of you who came to kick off this first of a new series of parenting workshops at Inwoods. I felt we were indeed only just starting.

Anger is a huge and difficult topic, lurking like the proverbial iceberg mostly out of sight and scuppering our best intentions. The relationship between parents and children raises, like no other, the deep questions: about love, and fear, identity and authority, dependency and guilt; and how to communicate truthfully, without either denying your emotions or making too much of them.

I wanted to emphasize, as a fundamental principle on which all parenting rests, that no child (and that includes all of us) has to 'deserve' love and respect. Nothing we do or say, or don't manage to do, makes any of us more or less worthy of that. And I hope I also made the point that love and respect do not mean you have to agree with them, to like what they are doing, to be tyrannized by them, or to not stop them when it is kind and helpful to do so - to yourself as well as anyone else. As to the 'how, exactly?' in all the specific instances that present themselves every day, we can share experiences and insights, only to realise in the end that there is no one right thing to do in any situation...but there is a real relationship to trust in.
Anna Powell, former Inwoods teacher

First ice of the new term

Dates for your diary:

Parent Meeting
Sunday 27th January, 10am to 12pm

Parenting Workshop
Thursday 14th February, 2 to 3.15pm

Open Morning
Tuesday 12th February, 9.45 to 12pm

Half Term Break
18th - 22nd February

Open Morning
Tuesday 19th March, 9.45 to 12pm

Parent Meeting
Sunday 24th March, 10am to 12pm

Exhibition Day/Sports Day
Thursday 28th March

Easter Break
Friday 29th March to Sunday 14th April
Other events of interest:

until 27th January

Brockwood Park School Open Day
Saturday 2nd March

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