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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 23 06/2015
Summer Colours
Pantone Colours for 2015
Spring and summer bring colour back to our lives!

Here at Kulsen & Hennig and Dominik Kulsen AG, we were inspired by one of the 2015 Pantone trend colours and would like to present a matching diamond colour from our collection.

Pantone is a US based company that has developed a now internationally used colour system. Each year, during the Fashion Week in New York, the "Pantone Fashion Color Report" comes out and presents the 10 top colours for women’s and men’s fashion for the following season.
"Strawberry Ice" is one of these colours for 2015. It has a warm, intense colour with a subtle and understated appearance. The same can be said for our Brownish Pink diamond colour.
From Our Collection
  • Oval / 0.56 ct / SI1 / Fancy Brownish Pink / 5,25 x 4,51 x 3,25 mm / GIA
  • Pearshape / 0.43 ct / PQ / Fancy Deep Brown Pink / 5,16 x 4,15 x 3,00 mm
  • Brilliant / 0.30 ct / VVS / Fancy Pinkish Brown / 4,36 - 4,37 x 2,67 mm
In addition to individual stones, we also offer small stones (from 1.0 to 2.5 mm) in the Brownish Pink colour. This colour mixes perfectly with other diamond colours and blends well with rose and red gold. Even when they are used individually and are small in size, these stones can create great impact.
Interesting Information for Jewellers and Goldsmiths
The GIA recently wrote that of all the millions of diamonds mined each year, only about 0,001% can qualify for Fancy Colour Diamond grading. Among them, the pink colour is one of the rarest. In addition to the cooler colours like Fancy Pink or Fancy Purplish Pink, pink diamonds can also have "brown" as their secondary colour, making the stone’s colour a little warmer and a little stronger. The colour of pink stones with a brownish undertone can be described as "old rose".
When a stone presents a mix of colours, the colour components are named one after the other. The secondary colour that has the lowest proportion comes first, followed by any other secondary colours in order of increasing proportions. The main colour is always given last. A Fancy Brown Pink diamond therefore has a mixed colour made up of brown and pink, with pink being the dominant colour. If the proportion of brown is only slight, the colour is called Fancy Brownish Pink.
As is true for all Fancy Coloured diamonds, this colour also exists in different intensities, ranging from Fancy Light Brownish Pink and Fancy Brownish Pink to Fancy Intense Brownish Pink and, finally, Fancy Deep Brownish Pink.
For Pink diamonds, and consequently for Brownish Pink diamonds also, the colour and colour intensity are crucial to determining price. For larger single stones, clarity is of secondary importance as long as it does not interfere with the stone’s overall appearance and brilliance.
Examples of Jewellery


Earrings by RONA TILGNER in Munich
Pink Gold, Coral
Fancy Brownish Pink Diamonds

Ring by RONA TILGNER in Munich
Pink Gold, Coral
Fancy Brownish Pink Diamonds
Origins of Colour and Sources
The cause of colour for pink and brown diamonds is the same. Both colours result from defects due to a large number of lattice vacancies, called "extended vacancy defects", which are mainly caused by the plastic deformation of the diamond. The defects that occur through this deformation of the crystal lattice are all similar and cause colours like brown, pink and even olive green in rare cases.
The colour of such deformed stones is distributed in linear patterns, so-called "colored graining", along the stone’s octahedral facets. If brown and pink graining occurs in the stone at the same time, a mixed colour results.
(1) Brownish Pink; (2) Brown Pink; (3) Pink Brown; (4) Pinkish Brown

The colour produced by the blend of pink and brown can thus have different proportions of each colour.
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